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Map request - Man vs Man sponsored by

Do you wanna map for one of the biggest upcomming events in Trackmania? Make sure to read this post then.

Basic Info

Our new event sponsored by will be hosted in August. The format is 1v1, so Man vs Man. We think it’s a format missing from the scene, and it would be good event both for the players and specators. We will host 4 editions in the first round to see if it’s a format the community wants. So on all Sundays in August a Man vs Man event will be hosted. We have been so lucky to get a sponsor for this event aswell, They will sponsor us with 50€ each week, aswell as gamekeys. So each Sunday 50€ is up for grab.


MAN vs MAN sponsored by

EVENT 1: 7th of August

EVENT 2: 14th of August

EVENT 3: 21th of August

EVENT 4: 28th of August

Info for mappers

But since this is an event we want to be as good as possible we need help making the maps. The format will be on Best of 3. So we need 3 maps each Sunday, so in total it will be 12 maps. The map will be released one week before the event.

Rules about the maps

  • Tech

  • 45-55 sec

  • People only have one week to train 3 maps, so difficulty shouldnt be too hard.

  • Allowed to use ESL Titlepack, but don’t overuse it.

  • Keep scenery on a average league level.

  • Each author can send in 2 maps of his own, and 1 duo.

  • Make sure there is no cut’s on the maps.

  • DEADLINE: 17th of July

Download sign pack

Rules of signs

  • Use atleast 2 signs
  • Use atleast 2 HuntMania signs
  • Use atleast 2 Man vs Man signs
  • In critical turns, or blind turns a sign must be used
  • Not allowed to use other signpacks

Name of maps

  • Colorcode infront of map name: $fffM.v.M - [MAP NAME] (You can use own colorcodes in the map name.)
  • Other than that you can be creative, but don’t use bad words.

Send maps here:

  • private message here on Facebook
  • Skype: Norwegianmapdesigner
  • Discord: Norwegianmapdesigner
  • MX: Norwegianmapdesigner

Any questions? Feel free to ask. You’ll get a answer in a day.
Easiest way to contact us is on Facebook or just use the contact site on our homepage.




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