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The TMX Driving Academy Online Event just started

We're proud to present the online event for the TMX Driving Academy. We in HuntMania will host a two months long contest on multiple server in TMNF. There will be own servers for Tech, SpeedTech, Fullspeed, Dirt and RPG, one for each style. The ingame plugin then calculates your overall points, and you can gather points for each style too.

What is TMX Driving Academy?

To answer that question, it is highly recommended to read this TMX article.

Point system

You collect points by driving times on the servers. Local 1 will collect 75 points, and local 50 will collect 1 points. You can decide yourself if you wanna try to win just one style, or win the event overall. If two players have the same time, they will get the same amount of points.

Main Contest

The main contest will include all styles, and all servers. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible on all servers combined. The amount of points you collect on the servers will be added together, and the one who got the most, will end up as the winner.

Side contest

There will also be a contest for each individual style. So if you like to drive tech, and just wanna do that, you can do so, and still win some coppers. However, we hope you check out the other styles, and give them a try. So there will be 5 side event winners. One for each style.

More information about the servers and the prizes can be found on our detailed event page.