Hunting Weekend - Season 1


Map style & length 16 different short maps (17-23 secs) from 16 different authors
Total length 2 days without break (don't worry, there are multiple map rotations)

Event Dates

Whole event 29th of January, 2016 | 8:00 pm CEST -
31st of January, 2016 | 8:00 pm CEST


The contest will be 16 shorts maps for one weekend (48 hours). The maps were built by some famous Trackmania players. Your goal is to gather as many points as possible through hunting the local records. If you're one of the first places at the end, you can win someof the 100 000 coppers prize pool!


There will be a own server where all maps will be uploaded. Contest starts at 29.january 20 CET. Timelimit will be 14.30min on each map and 15 sec talking time. So one map will take 15 min in total with loading time. So one rotation where you see all maps will take 4 hours. This is people that only have time on friday, saturday or sunday still will have a shot at winning. Res and skip will not be possible to make it more fair. Server will not be freezoned since I expect more than 40 people to join at same time.

Here are the links to add the server to the favourites and to join the server:


  • Server will open some hours before the event on friday
  • The server is in TM, not TM2.

Two rankings

Solo event

The mainevent is solo. All you need to do is to join server and drive as fast as you can. The time will be added to our database and shown on the livescore on the webpage. The one who gather most points on the 16 maps will be the winner.

Team event

There will also be a teamevent. A team includes three people. There is no need to be in the same clan. All you need to do is write the teamname and login for members in the TMX Forum. The goal for team is to gather as many points as possible together on the 16 maps.


Maps will be tech between 17-23 sec. Each author will make a map in their own style. So we will see 16 different kinds of short maps.

Point system

You can get points for your local rankings and for your TMX uploads on the contest tracks. The weight of local records is higher than the TMX records.

Local records

The first player will get 75 points while the 50th player will get 1 point. After the 50th local record placement, you will get no points.

Local record ranking Points you get for the ranking
1 75
2 73
3 71
4 69
... ...
24 29
25 27
26 25
27 24
28 23
... ...
47 4
48 3
49 2
50 1


The rules you have to follow if you participate in the tournament:

  • Do not cut one of our maps! We disqualify every cutter even if it's once only.
  • Do not use hacks or cheats that may give you an advantage in Trackmania!

And some judgement rules we have because of misunderstandings in the past:

  • If a player have the same time as the player before, the player gets exactly the same points.


Player 1 gets first local, he gets 75.

Player 2 gets second local, he gets 73. His time is 23.44.

Player 3 gets third local, he gets 73 too because his time is 23.44 which is equal to Player 2's record.

Player 4 gets fourth local, he doesn't get 71, he get 69 because the place of the third is taken even if he gets the same points as Player 2.


Id Name Tag Leader Players Registration Date

Coming soon! ;-)