MAN vs. MAN - Winter 2019


Game Trackmania 2 Stadium (Competition Title Pack)
Modes Time Attack Qualification, Team 1vs1
Map style & length 45-55 secs, Tech
Prize pool 300 €
Caster riolutm

Event Dates

Map release 12th of January, 2019 | 8:00 pm CEST
Event start 26th of January, 2019 | 12:00 pm CEST

MAN vs. MAN is back with another edition. We’ll once again crown the best head to head player in TrackMania.

Training server

Don't want to train alone? Join us on our training server! ESL Competition title pack (download here)!

Join server maniaplanet://#join=huntmania_train_1@esl_comp@lt_forever
Add to Favourite maniaplanet://#addfavourite=huntmania_train_1@esl_comp@lt_forever

Alternatively, you can download the maps and play them offline or on your own servers.


To participate in the event you need to sign up before Time Attack goes live. For that, log in with your ManiaPlanet account, go to our solo registration page and secure yourself a slot. Then, you can ask for the players group on our Discord server to receive live information before and during the tournament.

Sign up on our solo registration page


We start off with 10 min Time Attack on all three maps. So a total of 30 minutes. Top 16 from Time Attack seeding will advance into 1vs1. Number 1 face number 16, number 2 face number 15 and so on. Number 1 and 2 from Time Attack cannot face each other until the final if both win their matches.

The rules for 1vs1 are the same for all playoff matches:

  • Best of 3
  • First to 7 on each map
  • Tennis mode is activated

Prize pool

The prize pool is 300 euros!

  1. place: 200 euros
  2. place: 100 euros
  • No cutting

If you cut a map you'll get banned from the event. If you find a cut you can tell us, but not try to finish it on server.

  • Behave

Be kind with people that also are hunting in the server. If you dont you'll be kicked.

Id Name Tag Leader Players Registration Date
Id Name Login Registration Date
Whole event Download map pack Author(s) Linkings Download
MANvsMAN - Impulse keissla Dedimania
MANvsMAN - Snorringland ft Harni owndestiny Dedimania
MANvsMAN - XenogenesiS mdpoint.xt Dedimania

Coming soon! ;-)