Weekly Short Hunt - Season 4


Map style & length Tech, 25-28 sec
Total length 5 weeks

Event Dates

Whole event 7th of May, 2016 | 4:00 pm CEST -
11th of June, 2016 | 4:00 pm CEST


The format is simple; There is one map active each week for you to hunt on the server. All you need to do is join the server and drive as fast as you can. When the week is over the times will collected and people will be given points. There will then be added a new map to hunt for the new week. The event last for 5 weeks. The person that has gather the most amount of points on the 5 maps is the winner.

  • TimeAttack mode
  • 5 weeks long
  • one techmap (25-28sec) active each week

Prize pool

The prize pool is 100 euro + 200 000 planets!

Solo contest Team contest
  1. 60 €
  2. 30 €
  3. 10 €
  4. 25 000 planets
  5. 20 000 planets
  6. 15 000 planets
  7. 10 000 planets
  8. 7 000 planets
  9. 5 000 planets
  10. 2 000 planets
  1. 60 000 planets
  2. 36 000 planets
  3. 18 000 planets

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Point system

Top 50 gets points each week. To collect points you need to join the official eventserver where the map is live 24/7. You can play whenever you want during the week. When the week is over the map get removed and a new map will be added for you to collect new points on. Equal times means equal points.

Equalpoints in Totalranking after 5 maps

  1. The player with most 1st places wins. If equal here the player with most 2nd places wins. If equal here the most player with 3rd places and so on.
  2. If all placements are equal then the totaltime on all maps will be the winner.
  3. If totaltime is equal aswell then the players share the place.

Solo & Team contest

The contest are devided into two contest. Solocontest and teamcontest. You're welcome to play both. 

Solo contest Team contest
All you need to do is join the server and drive. The time you drive will be saved in our database and you'll get points based on your position.

Three people collect points together. The soloscore of each player are added together and becomes the teamscore. You can play the teamcontest with who you want as long as all players agree to play together.

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  • No cutting

If you cut a map you'll get banned from the event. If you find a cut you can tell us, but not try to finish it on server.

  • Behave

Be kind with people that also are hunting in the server. If you dont you'll be kicked.

Id Name Tag Leader Players Registration Date

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