Weekly Short Hunt - Season 5


Event mode TimeAttack
Map style & length Tech, 25-35 sec
Total length 5 weeks
Signup required Solo contest: no, team contest: yes

Event Dates

Whole event 17th of November, 2017 | 8:00 pm CEST -
24th of November, 2016 | 8:00 pm CEST
Team signup deadline 24th of November, 2017 | 7:59 pm CEST
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Format / Point system

The format is simple: there is one map active each week for you to hunt on our official tournament server, which runs in TimeAttack mode. All you need to do is to join the server and drive as fast as you can. You get points for your local record on the map. When one week is over, a new map to hunt will be added to the server and the old one is not playable anymore. The event lasts for 5 weeks. The player who gathered the most points on the 5 maps is the winner.

Point system more detailed

Your point score, which is displayed in the ingame UI and on the website as well, depends on the rankings of the local records you have on the server (1st local records will get 75 points, 50th will get 1 point). It is the sum of all the points you get for your local records. Higher points are better, the one with the highest point score will win the 1st place. Equal times mean equal points. Here is an overview which shows you how much points you get for each record ranking:

  1. place:   75 pts
  2. place:   73 pts
  3. place:   71 pts
  4. place:   69 pts
  5. place:   67 pts
  6. place:   65 pts
  7. place:   63 pts
  8. place:   61 pts
  9. place:   59 pts
  10. place:   57 pts
  11. place:   55 pts
  12. place:   53 pts
  13. place:   51 pts
  14. place:   49 pts
  15. place:   47 pts
  16. place:   45 pts
  17. place:   43 pts
  18. place:   41 pts
  19. place:   39 pts
  20. place:   37 pts
  21. place:   35 pts
  22. place:   33 pts
  23. place:   31 pts
  24. place:   29 pts

At this point, the gap changes from 2 to 1:

  1. place:   27 pts
  2. place:   25 pts
  3. place:   24 pts
  1. place:   23 pts
  2. place:   22 pts
  3. place:   21 pts
  4. place:   20 pts
  5. place:   19 pts
  6. place:   18 pts
  7. place:   17 pts
  8. place:   16 pts
  9. place:   15 pts
  10. place:   14 pts
  11. place:   13 pts
  12. place:   12 pts
  13. place:   11 pts
  14. place:   10 pts
  15. place:   9 pts
  16. place:   8 pts
  17. place:   7 pts
  18. place:   6 pts
  19. place:   5 pts
  20. place:   4 pts
  21. place:   3 pts
  22. place:   2 pts
  23. place:   1 pts

Equal points after the 5 weeks are over

When this happens, the following rules apply:

  1. The player with most 1st places wins. If equal then, the player with most 2nd places wins. If equal then, the most player with 3rd places wins, and so on.
  2. If all placements are equal then the record times of all maps get summed up, and the one with the lowest value will be the winner.
  3. If the summed up record times are equal as well, the players share the place.


Solo & team contest

The contest is split into two contests: solo contest and team contest. You're welcome to play both! 

Solo contest Team contest
All you need to do is to join the server and drive. The time you drive will be saved in our database and you'll get points based on your position.

Three people collect points together. The solo scores of each player in the team are added together and becomes the team score. You can play the team contest with who you want as long as all players agree to play together.

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Prize pool

The prize pool is 49 500 planets!

Solo contest Team contest
  1. place:    10 000 planets
  2. place:    7 500 planets
  3. place:    5 000 planets
  4. place:    3 000 planets
  5. place:    1 000 planets
  1. place:    9 000 planets
  2. place:    6 000 planets
  3. place:    3 000 planets

Sign up for a team

And all world record holders will receive 1 000 planets for each world record at the end of the event! Please upload your records to MX for that.


  • No cutting

If you cut a map you'll get banned from the event. If you find a cut you can tell us, but not try to finish it on server.

  • Behave

Be kind with people that also are hunting in the server. If you dont you'll be kicked.

Id Name Tag Leader Players Registration Date

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