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Interview with mCon|Wag

For people that has either played or followed Weekly Short Hunt knows that the 2nd spot in the overall score is for only one person, and that person is Wag from mCon eSport. We’ve been so lucky to get a interview with him before the Season 4 kicks off.

Let's see what he has to say:

Hello Wag, I’m glad you take your time to do this interview. Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Sjoerd Willems. I am a 18 year old trackmania player playing for team mCon-esports. I have been playing Trackmania for about 8 years and not planning to stop any time soon.

How did you find out about Weekly Short Hunt in the first place? You’ve been playing it since the beginning.

I was just playing Trackmania as usual when a friend came up to me and said there was a offline hunting cup going on and asked if I was interested. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is your thoughts about the event? How do you see its place and future in Trackmania?

I think the event is great, it brings together different parts of the community, from new casual players to very experienced (Pro’s). It has been a pretty big on Trackmania United but it has now made the switch to Maniaplanet and Trackmania² Stadium so we will have to wait and see what will happen, but I expect it will be as big as it was.

Picture of Wag


Name: Sjoerd ‘’Wag’’ Willems

Age: 18

Team: mCon-eSports

Country: Netherlands

Used TM perspective: Cam 2

Controlling device: Keyboard

HuntMania achievements

Second solo ranking in

Weekly Short Hunt Season 3

  • 2nd in WSH S1
  • 2nd in WSH S2
  • 2nd in WSH S3
  • 3nd in HW16
  • 1st in WSH S2
  • 2nd in WSH S3
  • 4th in HW16

In the three seasons that has been hosted we’ve seen three different winners, but you at the 2nd place in all three seasons. Why havent you been able to take the last step?

When I first found out about WSH the first map was already over so that already lowered my chances and after that I played kinda casual, not really hunting for that one run so I made it alot harder for myself. When it comes to season 2 I had problems with map 1 again because I just did not like the map and had very little time to play so that kinda sucked. And shoutout to Raceta for playing an amazing season!  Season 3 again started poorly for me since in underperformed on the first map and in my opinion season 3 was the most competetive so it was very hard to get into the top but that was the case for everybody ofcourse. Also this season some of the worlds fastest players played, Massa and Karjen so it was near impossible to get a win. Also in general WSH is all about maximizing every map and that sounds easier then it actually is. It’s all about that one run to score good points. One week might sound like alot of time, but in a game like Trackmania it can sometimes be hard to get the perfect run because of bug and that the game itself is challenging. Some maps you get a strong time pretty quickly, other maps you can’t figure out and set a personal best the last day.

In Season 2 you and your friends mananged to win the Teamevent, but in Season 3 you got beaten. Will you join the Teamevent this year aswell, and if so are you motivated to take the throne back?

If everything goes as planned I will play in the teamevent, but not yet sure with who. And ofcourse if I participate I want to win. But you cannot win a team contest by yourself. It’s a teameffort and all 3 players have to be willing to put time and efford into setting the fastest time they possibly can.

Weekly Short Hunt's season 4 will start up soon! Hurry up and register for a team now!

For the first time ever the contest will be hosted in Trackmania² Stadium. Are you happy about the move from Trackmania Nations?

I like it because players that don’t have Trackmania Nations are able to participate in the contest. However people that don’t have maniaplanet won’t be able to participate aswell. Another big improvement over Trackmania Nations is that on maniaplanet times are in 0.000 instead of the 0.00 of Trackmania Nations so the amout of people that have the exact same time will be alot less.

This is also the first time ever that the event will have prizemoney. How do you think that the 100€ that’s up for grab will effect the event? Will we see the highest level in the history of WSH?

I think it will effect the event pretty heavily especially in the amount of pro players that will compete because everybody would like some prize money ofcourse. So I think it will be the highest level ever in the history of WSH.

Any last words? Some you wanna give a shootout to?

I hope to see all of you ingame and I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for the amazing interview!

Weekly Short Hunt Season 4 is hosted from May 7th - June 11th!
More info you can get here.



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