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Interview with *aAa* Massa

We have been so lucky about having a chat with one of the biggest stars in Trackmania, Massa. We asked about his view of the release of Trackmania Turbo, his win in Gamers Assembly and his view about the upcomming event Weekly Short Hunt Season 4.

Let's see what he has to say:

Hello Massa! Happy that you take your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hey guys, my name is Dennis "Massa" Lotze from Germany, I'm 21 years old and a professional guy who gets interviewed nowadays. I like fast cars in real life and online, so I guess that explains a lot.

Season 3 was the first time you played WSH and you won it pretty convincingly. How did you experience Season 3?

It was nice fun. Nah okay seriously... I just started up the game whenever I felt like and that was the best part of it. You can play/hunt whenever you want.

Weekly Short Hunt has been a success ever since the first event was hosted in March 2015, and gathered 400 people each week in the previous season. How do you see its place and future in Trackmania?

Like I mentioned already, I think it's great for people who just want to play casually or for people who are hungry for some sick times! Also, it's really good for "new" players, since the maps are pretty short.

Picture of Massa

*aAa* Massa

Name: Dennis "Massa" Lotze

Age: 21

Team: against All authority

Country: Germany

Used TM perspective: Cam 1

Controlling device: Pad

HuntMania achievements

First solo ranking in

Weekly Short Hunt Season 3

  • 1st in WSH S3

You’re known to be one of the fastest and most risking players in the scene. Does time attack suit you better as competitive style than rounds mode?

I don't really know how to answer that, since I just won GA and I didn't even win TA there... (3rd only)... So yeah, kinda hard to say. I think it was the last years, but I kinda know now when to take a risk and when not. Atleast on LANs / important events like online finals. I took for example previous CPS kinda serious and wanted to show people that you can achieve something with a 2 man army (shoutout to kronos). But yeah, the motivation is gone now to be honest with you. I didn't really care about TMM. Kinda sorry for the organizers and viewers.

In March you claimed your biggest win so far by winning Gamers Assembly and 1000€. How did it feel to finally win one of the big titles?

At the very first moment on stage, I couldn't believe it at all. I went into that final actually thinking of getting 3rd/4th. It was a great feeling and also mixed feeling, since I felt really bad for my boy Kappa. But I guess that's how it is. I only thought of "oh I can actually win this" as I did almost world record in one of Kappas finalist attempts, but I saved it for the 1st place (10 points). I guess that's back to your risky player point. I changed maybe a bit. In the end, I feel really happy that I was able to prove myself on a LAN now.

Weekly Short Hunt's season 4 will start up soon! Hurry up and register for a team now!

The release of Trackmania Turbo can be called a success, but people are worried that the new players will not discover the eSport scene of Trackmania. What are your view on this and is there a way to get the new players into the competitive scene?

Well, I played TMT in the beginning. After getting to the Valley and RollerCoaster environment in the campaign, my motivation was gone. Also the Stadium is kinda trash in my opinion. It just looks so kiddy and its way easier than ever Stadium was before. I guess you can see some hate there by myself. eSport scene for new viewers? Well, Nadeo didn't do anything. Like linking pro streams into TMT of Sunday Matches etc. They only check TM:Turbo on Twitch. They find mostly riolu since he's the most playing it and probly also the best in all environments combined, but they will never find the streamers from nowadays matches. Anyways the game will be watched the first weeks now and then the hype is gone. Sadly. I don't think it's a success. They made money, that's it. Let's see what they will make with that.

In Season 3 you collected more points alone than the team that finished 3rd in the team contest. Will you go for the double and sign up in the team contest this season?

Nah I don't think so, maybe with KarjeN... We will see.

For the first time ever the contest will be hosted in Trackmania² Stadium. Are you happy about the move from Trackmania Nations?

Yeah I'm definitely happy about that, since I'm probably one of a few who really likes TM2 more than TMNF. Also it helps the community, since most of the tournaments are in TM2 and also TTC is slowly coming over with huge success.

This is also the first time ever that the event will have prize money. How do you think the 100€ that’s up for grab will effect the event? Do you think it will be harder to win this season compared to the previous one?

Easy win.

Any last words? Some you wanna give a shout out to?

Shoutout to all my boys following/supporting me and some special guys:

  • Bergie ... MingLee
  • Kubayz ... So Basically, bombs
  • Tween ... cmonBruh
  • Kappa ... Well... cus Kappa
  • Spam ... great guy!
  • Nodlle ... lol he's funny.
  • My aAa Boys ... tg Bergie
  • Carl Jr. ... pardon me?
  • Jonno ... JonnoTaxi
  • Paco ... cute Sam Smith
  • Insane ... no comment.

I probably missed some very cool guys, but that's what I had in mind... pretty random.

Thanks for the interview and GL to everyone in the upcoming WSH!

Weekly Short Hunt Season 4 will be hosted from May 7th - June 11th!
More info you can get here.



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