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This time we’ve been so lucky about having a chat with our main sponsor for WSH, We asked questions about what is, why they sponsor us and what their view on Trackmania is.

Let's see what they have to say:

Hello! Happy that you take your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Yo, I'm Lars from Germany, 36 years old, web- and print designer and a Trackmania enthusiast. I play this game since 2006. I was playing in a clan called Bigs Limited (BL) from Germany with Sandder, Marius89, Poker, BigA, Letsche, Zell, Sis and many more and we were playing ESL, UL, STC and over 150 clanwars with over 100 wins. We closed the clan in 2011 because of inactivity, but I still love the game, the community and I support people who are doing something for it. Today I play 1 or 2 times a week. I built over 300 maps, mostly stadium.

For people that aint familiar with, how would you describe it? What is is a weekly updated music weblog with raggajungle news, new mixes, important releases, videos, an exclusive shop, new tunes or remixes and a label- and producer list. I am author and admin of and started this website in June 2005 and it is the international biggest so far for this music genre. There are a lot of embed music streams so feel free to listen raggajungle here if you dont know what it sounds like. In short words it is an electronical sound combined with dub, dnb, broken beats (amens) and reggae (vocals) and comes from britain in the early seventies. My partners and friends are D.I.S, Motorv8a, DJ K, Default and LammMann and our ambition is to support the international raggajungle scene in any way. We have over 1.100 posts so far, ~3.000 comments, ~7.000 Facebook followers and ~1.000 Twitter followers.

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Founder: Lars (36), Germany

Founded in: June 2005



In Weekly Short Hunt Season 4 you are the main sponsor with a 100€, why did you decide to sponsor us?

I don't earn any money with and with these sponsorings. How I told you, Trackmania is an awesome game with a great community. I met many players in real life and we had so much fun. Last year I was sponsoring Frostbeule's FB's Weekly Race together with Acer. Kalle was 2 times Trackmania world champion and a great moderator, so I decided to sponsor his race to support his engagement. People with so much passion get my support. This is why I decided to sponsor Weekly Short Hunt Season 4 this year.

Trackmania is a small game, and to see events with prize money is rare. Is there any reason for that? Do you think it will change?

Yes, it is no League of Legends, WoW, Rocket League or Call of Duty and for the commercial industry the interest is low to sponsor an Trackmania event or race. Their benefit is too small. Anyway, the ambition for all players to play an event with prize money is higher. This is one reason to see so many pros and beginners in open and free events like WSH. And this is only possible in Trackmania and I don't think Trackmania is a small game if i look at Trackmania is for speedlovers, driftfans, trackbuilders, RPGlers and jumpcracks with so many environments and millions of tracks. There is no any other game like that and this is the reason why there are some offline events. I hope that there are more little sponsors like me in the future for this game.

We are in week 4 of 5 in Weekly Short Hunt at the moment, are you happy about the number of players and the event itself?

There are hundreds of pros and beginners playing WSH and I can see your hard work for this event. This is awesome and I want to give you some respect for this. Btw. Massa is a good driver from Germany, but I don't think he will win like he said in his interview earlier.

Weekly Short Hunt's season 4 is running just right now! More info at the event page!

If you should suggest a Raggajungle Podcast for people to listen to, what podcast would it be so they also fall in love with Raggajungle music?

In 2016 I started an own monthly podcast series called Junglecast with selections by popular junglists. These podcasts you can free download here:

Any last words? Some you wanna give a shoutout to?

I want to give special shoutouts to Marius89 - the most skilled driver ever, followed by Riolu with his wicked YouTube channel and skills, Kalle Frostbeule, Karjen, Zooz, Tween and Carl Jr., Shortz Productions, Stubby TV, Bench Productions, Kripke for his engagement, Nadeo for this game, the good old ganjarider for the fullspeed map sticky tarmac, all my clanfriends BigA, Letsche, Spec, Timebreaker, Repo,, Minigod and Kayano, Rose Tattoo with his own server and a grandious lanparty in Hamburg and all I forgot. There are too many to remember. Thank you for this interview and sorry for my bad English.

We thank you for this interview, and hope we can work together in the future aswell to make Trackmania great again. Thanks!

Weekly Short Hunt Season 4 is currently from May 7th - June 11th!
More info you can get here.



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