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Interview with boomedits

We have been so lucky to have a chat with one of the best movie makers in Trackmania, boom. We asked about his style of editing, his future and what he’s doing for HuntMania.

Let's see what they have to say:

Hello boom! Happy that you take your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hello! So yeah, first, my name is Lucas Pottier and I'm from France. I'm now playing fullspeed since 2010, and seriously making videos since 2012. I'm kinda perfectionist that's why I always put everything I can in my work. Now about my driving, I'm playing with kaeyboard and I use the cam 2. I don't really play TM² because it's a pure shit but I'm still active on TMNF!

The two last years you’ve won the User Choice Award on TMX for best movieeditor. How does this make you feel?

It makes me feel really nice. To be honest, it's a way to know if my work is great or not and if people like it. I'm proud of it and it gives me a reason to continue.

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Name: Lucas Pottier

Country: France

YouTube channel



If you should discribe you’re style of editing. How would you do that?

I'm making different styles of edits, like serious/epic videos or things more chilly. But overall I'm working a lot with details and that's what makes the difference.

What sort of programs do you use when editing?

I only use Adobe After Effect CS6 and sometimes Photoshop or Cinema4D when I need it.

The aftermovie of Weekly Short Hunt Season 3 was the first movie you made for us. Was it any difference making that movie compare to your normal videos?

No that wasn't but it was really cool to edit short and fun replays to create something more dynamic.

Weekly Short Hunt's season 4 is running just right now! More info at the event page!

You’ll be making the aftermovie of Weekly Short Hunt Season 4 aswell. How would that movie look?

I can't tell without seeing the replays but I'll try to keep the atmosphere of the first video I made.

Are there any big projects in Trackmania that you’re hoping to get?

Let's see what the future will choose for us! :)

It’s no secret that most of the work that’s done in Trackmania are done for free and in sparetime. Do you see yourself earning any money in the future making videos?

I can't now, everything can happen, but everything getting professional has to get paid, not obviously with money.

Any last words? Some you wanna give a shoutout to?

Thanks everybody for supporting me and I hope to see you in my future videos!

Thanks for the interview and thanks for the support you give to us! Please continue your awesome work for the community of Trackmania.

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2016-06-12 14:42:30