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Interview with PkD// Flyer

This time we are lucky enough to have a chat with one of the stars in Planetkey Dynamics line-up, PkD//Flyer. Not long ago he claimed 2nd place in Weekly Short Hunt Season 4, but now he is ready to participate in our next event, MAN vs MAN sponsored by

Let's see what he has to say:

Hello! Glad you took your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hey all, my name's Michal Vo and I'm 21 years old. I play TrackMania for around 9 years and currently I'm in team PkD for almost a year.

In the Season 4 of Weekly Short Hunt, you had a close battle with aAa Kronos during the whole season, but ended up losing with 2 points in the end. Can you describe what went through your mind during these weeks? Did you have a hope at winning in the end?

Actually, I went into this event with the intention to play only the first map, because of a possible lack of time for next maps. But when that wasn't the case at all, I continued the event with a new goal of being in top3. I did my best on every map except the first one and although I had a little chance to get 1st place, I don't see second place as a loss either, it's rather a win for me considering I originally wasn't going to play anything beyond map 1.

You ended up with 3 out of 5 World Records during the event, does that make the defend feel even worse?

As I said, second place doesn't feel like a loss to me in this event, because of the circumstances in the beginning of it. I hunted for WRs because I had fun doing that and I wanted to push my limits.

Picture of Kronos

PkD// Flyer

Name: Michal "Flyer" Vo

Age: 21

Team: Planetkey Dynamics

Country: Czech Republic

Used TM perspective: Cam 2

Controlling device: xBox 360 Pad

HuntMania achievements

Second solo ranking in

Weekly Short Hunt Season 4

  • 2nd in WSH S4

Man vs Man sponsored by will be hosted in August, and also have money in the prize pool. Will you participate in this event?

I'm happy to see a 1v1 event, as it's something refreshing among all the other events. I want to participate for sure and make it as far as I can.

The event will start with a hard Time Attack seeding on all maps, where only the Top 16 goes through to the 1v1 fase. Do you feel like you can make it through with no problems?

To be honest, there probably wasn't a time attack seeding where I would have trouble getting through, so the thought of not making it didn't even cross my mind before. But if I won't make it, I would be disappointed, to say the least.

You are well known in the community for being a skilled player, and doing well in online events. Will we ever see you going to an event like ESWC or Gamers Assembly?

This is a bit difficult to answer, because for me personally, attending these events is mostly a question of motivation to train A LOT, which I don't always have. I definitely wouldn't attend those events unprepared.

Recently Planetkey Dynamics lost the intense final in ESL CPS 17 against Dignitas. How does it feel to be part of one of the strongest teams in Trackmania? I assume you must be really motivated to get a chance to play in match, since there are so many other motivated players.

Of course, it's good to be a part of a top team, but as there are only a few teams on a pretty decent level, it doesn't have such a weight and impact, I guess. As I had a really long break from team cups right now, I didn't have a chance to play a match recently, but when I do, I always try to play at least 1 map in every match.

How long do you see yourself playing Trackmania? Is there anything you wanna achive, that you hasnt achived yet?

I can see myself playing TM at a high level for a maximum of a few years from now, if everything goes right. But even if I couldn't play at this level anymore, as long as I would have some time, I would just play some random very shorts or something every now and then. I think I got to the point where I just want to be a great player for my team again and not make any new sick goals.

Any last words? Someone you wanna give a shoutout to?

Yeah, shoutout to Flow for caring for the team all this time, and to PlanetkeyDynamics itself. See you soon

Thanks for the interview!

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