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Interview with dignitas/paco

As MAN vs MAN sponsored by comes to an end, it’s time for us to interview the most successful player in the four events; dignitas/paco. We’ve asked him about his view on MAN vs MAN, ESWC, the upcomming Maniaplanet World Cup, Team Dignitas, Trackmania Turbo and ESL - Hockolicious.

Let's see what he has to say:

Hello Pac! Glad you took your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Thomas Cole and I've played Trackmania since 2009, and competitively since 2014 after a 2 year stint playing canyon. After my first season in ESL I was approached by Team Dignitas where I later joined in early 2015.

The first ever MAN vs MAN events has been played, and are finished. You reached Grand Final in all of the events you played it, and even managed to win once. How did you experience the events overall?

The MAN vs MAN event has been an interesting event for me to play in. I found that these maps for the first two cups were well suited to me and I believed them to be fun, especially the second map pack. I also particularly enjoyed a solo event which had a cash prize, this made the events more competitive which was fun to see.

Event 2 you manage to win, and take home the 50€ sponsored by You also ended up with the World Records on all maps in week 2. Would you say you prepared more for this event than the two others?

I definitely prepared more for this cup as the maps that week in my opinion were extremely well made. So I enjoyed playing them, hence why I managed to get the world records that week.

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Name: Thomas "Pac" Cole

Age: 18

Team: Dignitas

Country: United Kingdom

Used TM perspective: Cam 2

Controlling device: xBox 360 Pad

HuntMania achievements

First place in

Man vs Man #2

  • 1st in MvM #2
  • 2nd in MvM #1
  • 2nd in MvM #3

Our motivation to start this event was that there aint many 1v1 events in Trackmania as of late. Would you say that the format has a future, or is the more normal 1v1v1v1 more suitable for players and spectators?

The 1v1 format is a good format to have in a cup, but I feel that the most entertaining matches come from the more normal 1v1v1v1 format. I also feel that a 2v2 or 3v3 competition would be entertaining too as there's constant action. For players a 1v1 is easier as if the other crashed it becomes more of a safe situation which isn't good for spectators I feel. The 2v2 suggestion I feel would be super entertaining as if one guy of a team crashes, the other had to risk to win the race, which would showcase some high level performances, possibly.

ESWC 2015 was your breakthrough when you reached 2nd in the Grand final behind Carl Jr. This was also your first offline event, how did you feel during the event? Did you feel like you could claim the silver medal before the event started?

The event was so surreal for me, the atmosphere was really crazy and it was great to finally meet other players that play the game. After I qualified I thought I had a real chance of getting far in the competition, especially after the way I did it. But after my first race at the event I thought I wouldn't stand a chance against anyone, but then I seemed to find something good in my game and actually come 2nd, I really couldn't believe it at all.

Sadly ESWC has confirmed that Trackmania wont be played in 2016. However NADEO is gonna host Maniaplanet World Cup instead of it. What is your view on this? Will Trackmania die out when the biggest stage is gone, or will Maniaplanet World Cup take it to the next level?

Yea I'm pretty sad that ESWC is gone. I hoped to become world champion one day and I don't know if the Maniaplanet World Cup would have the same feel. I honestly hope that this will become something big, but I have my doubts

Many people see you as the biggest favorite to beat Carl Jr., and take over the throne in Trackmania. Do you feel like you could beat him, and claim the title as the best player in the world?

I am honored that people think of me as the one to beat him, but to be honest I don't know the answer to this question. As u saw in the MAN vs MAN first week final we had an extremely close and high level battle which I then lost. But under a pressurized circumstance I'm unsure of what would happen. I feel if we both played at our best levels it would be very close. I definitely want to be the guy to take the crown from him though.

There is no secret that Team Dignitas is the most successful team in the game, and with the current line-up it doesnt look like it will change in the future. How does it feel to be part of a team with Worldclass players all over?

I am very grateful to be part of this amazing team, also the fact that we all get on so well with each other just adds to the greatness of this team. They have also pushed me to become the player that I am today due to the high level nature if the team I'm in.

Before NADEO and Ubisoft released the newest Trackmania game, Trackmania Turbo, you was one of the players they contacted to drive Super Trackmaster Times. Now it’s been a while since the game was released. Do you think Trackmania Turbo became a success, and a game Trackmania needed to take it to the next level?

For PS4 Trackmania Turbo has for sure been a success in my opinion. As it wasn't exactly meant to be for PC the game hasn't really boosted the player base much or at all. In terms of takin it to the next level I hope that the next MP4.0 update will improve maniaplanet.

Over to my last question. Recently you claimed the World Record on the most hunted maps in Trackmania of all time, ESL - Hockolicious, with the time of 53.91. Do you feel safe with that time, or are there any players you think is gonna beat it? And if so, are you gonna try to reclaim the record?

Ahh yes the Hockolicious wr. I was very happy when I first set it, thinking it would take a while for someone to beat it. I don't feel safe atm with it as racehans has equaled and Karjen has ran a .92 and failed a .7 run which is on YouTube. Definitely those have the ability to beat it, and when my time is beaten I will for sure try to take it back!

Thanks for the interview!

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