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Interview with wormi

It's time to interview a guy from the community! We will have a talk with wormi about the upcoming Mixed Short Hunt, what's important when it comes to mapping, Maniaplanet Worldcup and interviews.

Let's see what he has to say:

Hello wormi! Glad you took your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hello lads! I’m Ilkka and I’ve been playing TM since 2008. I study in university for fourth year now, and besides random gaming, my hobbies are mostly music and running. During my time in TM I’ve been driving leagues, building maps, writing articles and meeting people.

Our next event "Mixed Short Hunt" is getting closer, and the deadline to submit maps is just around the corner. Are you planning to build any maps, and if so, in which style?

I would love to build a track for mixed event, but sadly I don’t have time for such right now. I rather spend my gaming time with friends and CSGO, since studies take a big deal of my time at the moment. I’m also active in our student organization, currently taking care of our website and helping organizing events. I hope you get some cool maps from others though!

Picture of wormi


Age: 23

Country: Finland

Used TM perspective: Cam 1

Controlling device: Logitech
Dual Action 2

You have managed to get your maps picked in many big events. What would you say is your greatest achievement as a mapper?

There are many maps that mean a lot to me, and not only league maps. However, the most important one must be “ESWC 2014 – Kaksseiskatseta”. I really like how the map flows, how the fast turns cause risks, how it looks and how tight it is when hunted. Besides the fact that I love the map itself, the story behind it (friendships found thanks to TM) and the trip to ESWC that year make the track very special to. I can never forget how I first saw it played on stage or how taught tRkr how to pronounce the map name, or how I saw tween driving the WR just next to me (making me give the man a beer). The trip itself was awesome in many other ways too, thanks to you dear trackmaniacs I met there.

To mention a couple of other important maps, I’d call out island track “UL8-NoSlide or gtfo”, my first proper league map outside dirt scene and Finnish Championship, and “TGC1 – Sepe” that is just plain awesome canyon map to me. Why not the still quite new “24H DDE #5 Here's wormi !” as well, that I worked many months during this year. To say it in a nutshell, my biggest achievement is that I’m not sad about the huge time I have wasted building so many league maps. See them all here btw.

Are there any tips, or anything the builders should look for when they build a map for an event like "Mixed Short Hunt"?

I’m not that good building shorties, but at least do these things: Respect the given mapping rules. Do the maps huntable, but not lucky. Keep the tricks of the certain style included (basically, for a dirt track I expect dirt turns and tricks, and for FS I’d love to see some speedsliding).

Wanna build a map from Mixed Short Hunt 2016? Read this article and send in a map asap!

You have been map tester for many big events, and helped us with picking maps for MAN vs MAN. What are the testers looking for when they pick maps? Can you take us through the things going on when you’re a tester?

I am such a quick learner to drive on casual level, so if the map looks decent after first tries, I drive it more to test how it might work in actual race. The really bad ones with clear mistakes I instantly skip after quick try. I always focus more on how the map works in rounds instead of trying to see whether or not it is fun to hunt, since after all most maps I test are meant to be driven in rounds. To me the main thing in a map is the balance between challenge and flow. There are some things that are instant turn-off to me. Unnecessary blockmix, ugly gravity-abolishing structures or unrespawnable jumps trigger me quickly. Also forcing transitions to the detriment of flow is annoying. You can find a lot more detailed explanation about league map building from my article on Mania-Actu. Read it here.

You’re mostly known as a builder in the community. But have ever tried to go professional as a player?

Nope. I have driven leagues on every environment of Trackmania United and Trackmania 2, but it has always been just for fun. I also grew up on a server with less hunting and more enjoying the map (hidden rooms, fun jumps, lucky stuff etc), so I didn’t even try any league maps during my first year or two of playing until TMM 2010 and random maps that found their place on our servers before that. I also had quite a slow PC and seeing the walls close in higher speed was sometimes hard.

You have also been a guy that does community stuff, like interview like HuntMania does now. Have you read our previous interviews, and how do you think we are doing? Is there any interview you liked better than the others?

I don't have any clear favorite, all of them are solidly made. In my own interviews I had a lot more questions, both funny and in-depth ones, so this format is a bit different. Mine were made totally for my own fun and interest towards different kind of players, so your work is more sellout maybe, but it’s all good. I especially like how you let the questions be quite open, so we can answer freely what we want.

Watch wormi’s map for MAN vs MAN sponsored by

Where do you get inspiration to build new and good tracks? Is there any mapper that gives you motivation, or a mapper you look up to?

My main sources are other league tracks and random online or TMX maps I happen to try. To mention some names (in full random order) my biggest single influencers during my eight years in game are probably Kryw, Juspe, sol666, pantseri, matto, Zooz, tmjonas, Marius 89, Kajczy, Quat, Kappa and wally. Also some single maps such as Alba’s legendary ESL – Espirito Santo, Vastapaavi’s rally track SM08 ~ Maaseudun Tulevaisuus or even cranberries’s “- T -“. However, my inspiration comes totally randomly and doesn’t have much to do with lately played maps or anything else.

Sadly, ESWC has confirmed that Trackmania won’t be played in 2016. However, NADEO is gonna host Maniaplanet World Cup instead of it. What is your view on this? Will Trackmania die out when the biggest stage is gone, or will Maniaplanet World Cup take it to the next level?

At first I was very skeptical about it, and even though it still is way smaller than ESWC was, it will work. Nadeo really seems to want to give players as good tournament as they can. There were many maps sent for it and numerous people tried to qualify for it, which means the community approves it – and that’s why I see it working. About Trackmania dying, it has been doing so for long long time, let’s say since 2010, but I believe this won’t hurt at all. Well, not dying, but not as active as it could (thanks to too slow progress developing the game basically). Anyway, I think MC will be cool.

Is there any one you wanna give a shoutout to?

At first, congratulations to my bros MiQuatro (27z to glory!) and Insane for qualifying to World Cup! Also greetings to all those who have played with me or driven my maps, you are the reason I have been here so long.

Thanks for the interview!


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