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Our view on the first Mixed Short Hunt

For the first time ever we decided to host an event with multiple styles, and it became a success right away! With 600 different players during the 3 weeks, and some top level battles, it was for sure a fun event to host.

The reason why we decided to host a different event with more than just Tech was to reach out to a new audience, and we have often got requests from people of different parts of the Trackmania community.

However the event can be improved a lot. This is because it's the first time we host it. It's hard to get info out to all players, and to look like an attractive event. Now that people have seen how smooth the event runs, the level of the maps, and last but not least, that top players play it. So if you win it, you are the best, and it's something you can be proud of.

My point of view is that the event can either become a one week event, with 12 maps, or keep the same system we have today, with one map for each style during 3 weeks. I don't see a point in making it a 5 week event. People will lose interest, and we end up with just the very top left.

So congratulations to *aAa* Cocow for winning the first edtion, and becoming HuntManias 10th champion! Also congratulations to Marius89 and Papou for making it to the podium.

This event wouldn't have been possible without the builders. We had some problems with not receiving enough maps for the original format, but it turned out great, and the maps we got was at a top level. I wanna thank everyone who has played during the event, and everyone I've talked with. This is the reason why I and Jonni host events, cause it's fun to interact with you guys, and to see that events are appreciated.

Last but not least, I wanna thank Alinoa for sponsoring this event with Trackmania Goodies. It took the event to the next level, and made people fight a bit harder.

This is our view on the event, what is yours?

- Norwegianmapdesigner



2017-01-03 11:35:20




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