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Official Map Request for MAN vs. MAN 2019

Do you wanna map for one of the biggest upcoming events in Trackmania? Make sure to read this post then.

Basic info

MAN vs. MAN is back. This time sponsored by Team Sampi, and it will be hosted January 26th 2019. The format is 1v1, so MAN vs. MAN. In 2016 four editions of the cup were hosted, and it was a success. CarlJr, Pac, Flyer and tween were the champions. Since then, there haven’t been any major 1v1 cups, so it’s time to bring it back. This time with the biggest edition so far. Team Sampi will sponsor 300€ for this edition.

Info for mappers

Do you wanna have your maps played in this edition of MAN vs. MAN? We need three maps, that all will be played in the cup 26th of January 2019. We think mappers are missing prizes and attention for their work, so we wanna start a new trend. After the event is over, we’ll make a Twitter poll for people to vote on what map they liked the best. The best map will then be rewarded with 25 €.

  • Tech
  • 45-55 secs
  • Difficulty shouldn’t be too hard (TMM level)
  • Allowed to use Competition Titlepack
  • Keep scenery on an average league level.
  • Each author can send in 2 maps of his own, and 1 duo.
  • Make sure there are no cuts on the maps.
  • Deadline: 29th of December

Sign pack

You've to use the official sign pack in your maps.

Download it here!

Rules for signs:

  • Team Sampi sign at start and finish
  • Use at least 2 Team Sampi signs in map
  • Use at least 2 HuntMania signs
  • Use at least 2 MAN vs. MAN signs
  • In critical or blind turns a sign must be used
  • Not allowed to use other signpacks

Name of maps

  • Color code infront of map name: $fffMANvsMAN - [MAP NAME]
  • You can use own color codes in the map name
  • Other than that you can be creative, but don’t use bad words.

Where do I send in maps?

Please send us a mail with the maps in the attachments to Thanks!

Remember to not release your map anywhere public until you get a message that it's okay.

If there is any questions about the map request, or the event itself make sure to ask us! We'll answer within 24 hours.