HuntMania is an event-organizing team which is known for bringing to TrackMania successful events on various fronts. It was created by Jonniboy and NMD (Norwegianmapdesigner, Eirik Holdal) in 2016 to have a name to host events together, and the duo quickly established itself as one of the competitive pillars for the game. In August 2019, NMD left HuntMania to focus on covering TrackMania events and creating journalistic content. At the beginning of 2020, HuntMania looked to rebuild around Jonniboy and w_1r, who joined HuntMania to retain activity right before NMD left, and the revamped squad is now looking to organize various competitions for beginners as well as for experienced players.

Our Team

The team is composed of the following members:



I'm Ao, a 19 year-old engineering student from France. I'm playing Trackmania for more than 4 years, and I've pretty much tried every aspect of the game since then.

My main occupation at the moment is making videos. I've been doing this actively since the beginning of 2019, by making trailers for the World Team Cup first, and then for pretty much every kind of competitions, from the Mini-RPG Championship to the Planet Dirt Cup. This eventually led me to be hired as a videomaker for Venture - now Numelops - one of the most successful Trackmania tech team.
I'm also a mapper for the Novating Community, a mapping clan I helped to create, and my main achievements as a mapper were to make three maps for the Trackmania Grand League, in collaboration with Superal.

I joined HuntMania because this organization has always been, for years, one of the leading events organizer on Trackmania. My job there is to provide video content, like trailers for competitions, when needed.



I'm Clearvision, one of the few active Finnish players in the Trackmania community. I'm a 22 year old mathematics student living in Helsinki. I started playing back in 2011 but became active in 2014. I'm mostly known for my mapping skills, having been voted 2nd in the 'Stadium mapper of the year' twice on ManiaExchange and currently holding the most awarded stadium map there. I also enjoy hunting, currently holding the top spot in the 'Top 25 replays' on ManiaExchange.

Being a moderator in team Waypoint gives me great reach to all the top mappers in the game. This helps my main responsibility in HuntMania, helping with map submissions and coming up with new ideas for competitions to host.

I hope my contributions in HuntMania will result in fun events, with high quality in maps, for you all to enjoy.



My name is Keissla, I'm 24 years old and from Denmark. I've played Trackmania pretty much since Nations ESWC, but only really actively since early 2014.

I am mainly a mapper, having been voted stadium mapper of the year for the last 2 years on ManiaExchange and have had lots of success building maps for various tournaments and otherwise. I am the admin and leader of the top-level mapping team Waypoint Mapping and I manage maps for Trackmania Open tournaments. I have also been a designer on ManiaExchange for the last couple of years, having worked on the new logo among other things.

I honestly don't actually drive much these days, instead I spend the vast majority of my time in the editors.



Player of TM since Nations ESWC, 15 years ago now, I've always been more of a map builder than a tryharding racer. I have been one of the silent players, almost never on the forums or community stuff, even if I contributed to some small projects in United and made some maps for online servers.

Started getting involved in a lot more stuff since I came back to the game in 2017 after a long break, and made several big mapping projects that got selected for several competitions, including Spams Endurance Race, Riolu's XD Race or Professional Enduro Cup. I even made a map that was played in the TMGL Beta Season!
But I also made maps for different stuff like Monthly Track Contest, 90 Minutes Competition or the Christmas Calendar Project on ManiaExchange, and even made a bunch of shitfest maps.

Currently also working on the amazing TMOne project by UnbitN Studio as campaign organizer and map builder, I joined HuntMania to help the return of the PEC as it was my favorite Trackmania weekly event, and I'm glad we managed to do it!



I'm Superal, a retired Belgian tech player and current mapper, writer, and organizer. I'm wrapping up a Masters degree in translation, applying the knowledge I've accumulated to handling social media for HuntMania.

On the playing side of things, I am mainly known for having been the TrackMania manager in orKsGP and a tech player for their first league lineup. I'm also known for listening to K-pop but that's irrelevant (or is it?). Over the years, I've played most environments at a medium-high level, starting on TMNF in 2008 before quickly expanding to TMU. I also played Canyon and Valley when they came out and competed on those environments, and then fully switched my focus to TM² Stadium in 2016.

Aside from playing, however, I've always considered myself as a mapper first and foremost. I still continue to be active in mapping despite my retirement as a player, and I am currently a part of the FunTrackers mapping team (as I have been since 2014) and I founded my own mapping team on TM², called Novating Community (nc), in August 2019.



I am shorty and mostly known as a Tech player. But in recent years my focus slowly shifted from playing into other parts of the games. I am decently good at mapping, I know my way through a bit of mesh modeler and I even worked on a small custom server controller for the game.

I am kind of a jack of all trades and I hope that this knowledge will lead to good decitions for everyone.



First of all, nice to be here! I'm Wouter aka 'w_1r', 27 years old from the Netherlands. I have played tm for about 11 years now and I have been always in the editor making maps. Since 3 years I made competitive maps for various tournaments. Currently a member of waypoint.

Also co-leader and admin for HuntMania. Hosted my own event 4styles with the organization and we are planning to have more events for 2020.



I'm a Computer Science student from Germany. As you can imagine, I'm very interested in information technology, especially programming, web development and server administration. To both acquire and apply knowledge in my field, I'm part of some projects like HuntMania in my free time.

Apart from being the IT guy, I like to binge some series on Netflix and alike, fiddle around with Raspberry Pis or Arduinos, or play some computer games until I fall asleep. Unfortunately, Trackmania is not included in those games anymore, but I still do some stuff for the community since it's a really cool one differentiating itself from those salty ones in most other competitive games. Also, the game's concept is still really unique and offers infinite amounts of self-expression and fun.

My part in the team is mostly server administration, website development and programming some plugins for dedicated server controllers to run events with fancy statistics in Trackmania.

Honorary Members

All people who helped us will stay in our hearts forever, but there are some who just need to be mentioned:



NMD, formerly known as Norwegianmapdesigner, was one of the founding members. He got the ideas and did the organization of the first events HuntMania hosted, and founded HuntMania in 2016 together with Jonniboy to have a common ground to work on events which both professional and fun players can enjoy.

At some point, he wanted refocus and now is sort of a journalist for the Trackmania franchise. Thanks for the time with you, it was awesome and without you, HuntMania would not exist!