⁴styles Cup - Second Edition


Game Trackmania 2 Stadium (Competition Title Pack)
Modes TimeAttack Qualification, Rounds Knockout
Map style & length 1 multistyle map including 4 styles, tech, dirt, fullspeed and RPG with a total length of ~7:20 minutes
Signup required Yes
Caster riolutm

Event Dates

Whole event start 5th of January, 2019 | 8:00 pm CEST
Signup deadline 4th of January, 2019 | 11:59 pm CEST

HuntMania is happy to announce the second edition of the ⁴styles Cup where your skills, in 4 different styles, on a long map gets tested. The track that will be played this year is 'The voyage of time' made by w_1r himself which contains about 2 minutes of every style, including tech, dirt, fullspeed and rpg.


We start with 45 minutes Time Attack and the best 50% will drive against each other in knockout! In the knockout the last 3-4-5 (depending on how many players there will be) players will get kicked out each round until we reach TOP 5, then the last player will get knocked out each round until we have a winner.

Prize pool

The prize pool is 75 euros and some Nadeo goodies!

  1. 45 euros
  2. 20 euros
  3. 10 euros

... and a Nadeo t-shirt and sticker for the 4. - 6. place!

Sign up required

Although this is a solo event, you need to sign up for this event to get on the qualification server.

Sign up on our solo registration page

  • No cutting

If you cut a map you'll get banned from the event. If you find a cut you can tell us, but not try to finish it on server.

  • Behave

Be kind with people that also are hunting in the server. If you dont you'll be kicked.

Id Name Tag Leader Players Registration Date
Id Name Login Registration Date
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voyage of time° w_1r Dedimania

Coming soon! ;-)