Weekly Short Hunt - Season 2


Map style & length Short tech, 17-25 sec
Total length 5 weeks

Event Dates

Whole event 3rd of May, 2015 | 4:00 pm CEST -
3rd of May, 2015 | 4:00 pm CEST

Yet again we have one clear winner (season 1:   cobess). This time it's   |PT| Raceta! with the domination score of 27. He was the only one who manage to get top 10 on every track reciving three bonuspoints for that. His worst position was 4th ("Weekly Short Hunt 7") and managed to win 1 track ("Weekly Short Hunt 8"). The fight for the two last podiumplaces was unclear until the last minute. It was a fight between   Wagentje  zuplok  Corey and   zad. The Kntsguys managed to stay ahead and take the 2nd and 3rd place.   zuplokand   Corey had the same score, but since   zuplok had 1 victory he got the third place.

In the teamcontest it looked like a fight between ''3R.tards'' and ''Pins and Needles'' for a long time. But ''Pins and Needles'' came to short and ''3R.tards'' biggest rival turned out to be ''|PT|'' where the seasonwinner in solocontest   |PT| Raceta! collected all points for their team. But ''3R.tards'' showed that three guys are stronger than one and took home the victory in the teamcontest.

Results after Map 5 of Season 2.

1.   |PT| Raceta! 27.points
2.   Wagentje 15.points
3.   zuplok 14.points
4.   Corey 14.points
5.   EpiK :) 12.points
6.   zad 12.points
7.   Gekooo0 8.points
8.   Magga 7.points
9.   Knights | Ragle 6.points
10.   Hyker ///HOT 6.points
11.   Ab 5.points
12.   breezer 5.points
13.   SneaKy ! 4.points
14.   CannotProduction 4.points
15.   giblone 3.points
16.   Nsc 3.points
17.   Knights.vale 2.points
18.   RicardOo 2.points
19.   LonleyWolf 1.point
20.   Spider_hip 1.point
21.   Gimmi 1.point
21.   canlife 1.point

1. 3R.tards - 35.points
  zuplok -   Knights | Ragle -   Wagentje

2. |PT| - 27.points
  |PT| Raceta! -   |PT| nick14 -   |PT| Xtra!

3. Pins and Needles - 18.points
  Gekooo0 -   Hyker ///HOT -   CannotProduction

4. Team noy - 7.points
  Magga -   mirzasmajlovic -   Gokuu

5. Furious||One - 3.points
  giblone -   DrivenN -   Roonix

6. 3some - 2.points
  mdpoint.xT -   MynameisJeff -   Knights.vale

7. team.td1 - 1.point
  muti.jr -   ersinnoo -   Spider_hip

So thanks for everyone who participated and gave me feedback. I had in general 100 downloads on each track here on TMX. 200 people was each week on the eventserver. So I guess it's a step up from last season. Hope to see you in the next season where there will be some good changes.

Pointsystem (each week/map):
1.place: 6 points 
2.place: 5 points 
3.place: 4 points 
4-5.place: 3 points
6-7.place: 2 points
8-10.place: 1 point
NEW: You get 3 points if you manage to get top 10 on every map.
- If two or more people have the same time, they will get the same amount of points. If you have the same time as the 10.place, you will not get a point.
- Cuts are not allowed. You will not get points. If you find cut please tell me and wait until the week is over, unless its gonna be some extra work for me. 

Id Name Tag Leader Players Registration Date

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