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HuntMania is back!

After a short break, HuntMania is coming back with a revamped team and image as well as with new exciting content! Our new team has been working tirelessly on bringing to life new events as well as reshaping older ones.

A video trailer, which you can watch underneath, has been released. Through this announcement, HuntMania is proud to present its new team, which comprises 8 members: Ao, Clearvision, Jonniboy, Keissla, shadokk, Shorty, Superal, and w_1r.

The first events in the works are two competitions which have been considered as favorites over the years: the Professional Enduro Cup (PEC) and the 4STYLES Cup.

Professional Enduro Cup

The Professional Enduro Cup (PEC) is a long-standing weekly endurance knockout competition. It is now back! After each checkpoint crossed by the race leader, the players have a certain amount of time to cross the same checkpoint. If the player does not manage to cross the checkpoint before the timer runs out, they are knocked out from the race until one player remains, and another round begins.

Watch the VOD of the previous season with Spam’s point-of-view.


The 4STYLES Cup is a Time Attack and knockout event where players had to race on a long map composed of the major styles in TrackMania (Dirt, Fullspeed, RPG, Tech). A VOD of the previous edition can be found on YouTube, courtesy of riolu.

We hope that you are looking forward to taking part in our various competitions.
The HuntMania Team


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